Monday, March 7, 2011

Eating My Way Through Melbourne


Wow, I really ate like a queen in Melbourne, thanks to my cousins Nadav and Liz! Here are some of my favorite places: 

Cumulus  I was on cloud 9 (pun intended!) when I went to this stylish restaurant in the city. The decor was light and airy, and so was the food! Liz and I sat at the bar facing the kitchen, watching in awe as the chefs assembled their culinary delights. Before we left, they gave us a chocolate lollipop with sprinkles (or "hundreds and thousands" as Aussies call them). That was a nice little touch. Although Liz did know someone that worked there so that might be why we got the lollipop. Please don't pin all your hopes and dreams on getting one!!!

Lau's Family Kitchen  I'm not really one for sharing food (I'm usually of the "MINE...ALL MINE!!" mentality). That's why I loved this place! You order dishes to share (boo!) and the waiters take them aside and divide them up equally on different plates. So there's none of that "No, YOU take the last bite! Really!! I didn't want it. I mean, it does look all juicy and succulent and I feel like you have already eaten WAY more than me....but no, YOU have it!". You each get your own portion of delicate scrumptious Chinese food. Just the way it should be!

Gigibaba  Gigibaba is a Turkish tapas joint in Collingwood. It so cool and amazing it doesn't even need a website or business cards. Seriously, the food and decor at this place are out of this WORLD! DELICIOUS!

Hooked  A healthy stylish fish and chips shop. Did you think it was possible? Perfect place for a bite (another intended pun) to eat on Chapel Street. Yum!

Attica  I had read about this restaurant a few years ago in Food and Wine magazine so I was dying to try it. What an experience!! We ordered a 5 course set prefix menu. Each dish was a work of art, with its own unique story and surprise ingredient or texture. And the service took the word "attentive" to a whole new level. It was the perfect last night in Melbourne!

With food this good, I am not surprised Melbourne was named the 2nd most livable city in the world (Although I am surprised it wasn't named the MOST livable city in the world!)! New York is 56? Remind me why I live here again!


  1. ahh, good food makes me happy. next time you come there will be a whole new set of places to try.

  2. Yay! That's why we get along so well. Can't wait for the next trip and next batch of deliciousness!