Wednesday, December 29, 2010

all I want for my ideas

My birthday is in exactly one month! I know you're super excited and wondering what you can do to make it the best birthday ever. Let's just say if you bought me any of the items below, I would be the happiest girl alive!! 

Head to the store and buy me this now!
I'm really drawn to this coat! Look at that lush fur trim on the hood. But wait, is that a toggle missing?

ho! ho! ho!
I know Christmas is over, but I can't stop drooling over this awesome toilet seat cover. Oh, Santa! i bet you're dreaming about the good ol' days of milk and cookies....

this is foxy
This accessory is shocking and amazing in a Lady Gaga kind of way. Am I right?

Thanks in advance for any of these gifts you might get me. Consider yourself invited to my birthday festivities, where I plan on showing off all my new goods (except for the Santa toilet seat cover of course!). Can't wait!


  1. Is that you in this graphic? Hahaha you are too funny! Whenever I get down I'm coming her for a good laugh.

  2. Thanks Joanna! That means so much to me! And yep, that totally is me in that graphic. I never get sick of randomly photoshopping myself on to things :)

  3. I am trying really hard to understand the fox tail.

  4. I hear ya sister! Very unusual. Is it a keychain? Is it supposed to be worn like a belt? Is it for a man or woman? I think the mystery is what makes it so unbelievably fabulous!

  5. On that first link it looks like someone photoshopped their head OUT of the coat. That photo is just BEGGING for your creative photoshop stylings, Sam. May I suggest YOUR head? or perhaps no head at all, and just a giant knife? Maybe save that one for Halloween :)

  6. Yes, the missing head was definitely what drew me to the coat in the first place :) Love the giant knife idea! Or maybe I'll just photoshop eyeballs on to it... Or a Tron costume... The possibilities are endless!