Monday, February 20, 2012

NY: Even the Old People Are Awesome Here!

Recently I witnessed something that kind of melted my heart. I was walking to work when I saw two old ladies (I'm allowed to say that now that I'm getting old myself!) get frustrated with the slow walkers in front of them, so they overtook them. It was in that glorious moment, I knew I was living in the right city (which I obviously already knew. Have I mentioned how many amazing places there are to eat here?)!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Special Valentine's Post: I LOVE TERTULIA!

Saturday night I went to a restaurant that might prevent me from ever enjoying another restaurant again: Tertulia. People have been raving about it for months, and I figured there was no way it could ever live up to the hype. BUT BOY, I WAS WRONG (you will not hear those words from me often)!

Tertulia is everything I ever imagined and MORE! Here, you might chase after your waiter with a fork if he tried to take away your plates before they were completely clean (yes, this happened to us that night. Well, not the fork, but it could have easily come to that!). The people who work there are delightful! None of that typical attitude coming from the other popular kitchens in town.

There are so many amazing dishes, where do I begin? Some favorites:

-Tosta huevo roto y jamón ibérico (Crushed egg, potato, Ibérico ham): This dish is a head turner! It actually caught our attention when a waiter passed by with it, so we knew we had to get it. I cannot describe the deliciousness to you!

-Cordero (Grilled lamb breast, creamy farro, cauliflower): I don't think I have ever had anything so scrumptious in my life. A flavor and texture sensation! I fear the puddle of drool caused by thinking about it might damage my computer.

-Torta de Limón (Meyer lemon pound-cake, buttermilk ice-cream, candied lemon peel): The perfect way to end the meal. BUTTERMILK ICE CREAM! Need I say more? So fresh and amazing and unique. Heaven!

I spent a good part of the dinner saying things like "Pork Belly, Schmork Schmelly" & "David Chang, Schmavid Schmang" (I still love you David! I'm just kidding!).

Tertulia, I would not change one thing about you. NOT ONE SINGLE THING! I can't WAIT to return!

[Oh, and because this place is so popular, it's hard to get a table. So be willing to wait an hour or two! Or maybe try going early (5 or 6pm), might be easier then? GOOD LUCK! It is worth the wait, trust me!]

Tertulia 359 6th Ave (Between W 4th and Washington Pl)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

And the Most Commonly Misused Expression Is...

I wish for once, someone would say "Long story short" and actually mean it!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Ryan Gosling Makes It All Better!

Lately Ryan Gosling has been on everyone's mind. There's the Ryan Gosling vs. Puppies Tumblr and the Hey Girl Ryan Gosling Tumblr. Time Warner Cable just announced its Ryan Gosling on Demand Channel for the month of February. Ryan Gosling even makes the streets of New York safer (watch as he breaks up a street fight 30 seconds into the video!). 

But everyone else is JUST catching on to something I've known ever since 2004 (a.k.a the year I saw the Notebook): RYAN GOSLING MAKES IT ALL BETTER!! Here are some other things I think could benefit from being "Ryan Goslinged": 

-Does anyone else despise pennies as much as I do? They're practically worthless, and they take up a lot of space in my wallet. How much less annoying would they be if Ryan Gosling's face was on every shiny cent? Woah, woah, woah, I'm not saying INSTEAD of Abraham Lincoln. I'm saying buh bye Lincoln Memorial, HELLO RYAN GOSLING!

-Boy, I hate rain but Ryan Gosling umbrellas would certainly brighten any dreary day!

-The Post Office: There's got to be SOME way to make the post office less excruciating! Ryan gosling stamps, anyone?

-Is anyone else sick of Google as the only means of finding the answers to life's burning questions? What about a Ryan Gosling Search engine? If MC Hammer can do it, why not Ryan?

-Toast is great, but how much hotter would it be if there was a Ryan Gosling Toaster that imprinted his delicious face onto every slice of bread? You could gaze into his dreamy eyes before each and every bite? SCRUMPTIOUS!

-I hate waking up in the morning, who doesn't? What abut a Ryan Gosling alarm clock?? You get to pat him on the head to turn the alarm clock off! Not a bad way to wake up in the morning!

Is there ANYTHING that cannot be made better by Ryan Gosling??

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Is Social Reader Damaging Your Reputation?

Do people REALIZE what their social reader is broadcasting to their newsfeeds??? And do these people REALLY want us to know they read that article on "How To Improve Your Duckface"? Here are some examples of crazy headlines I've seen lately (Ok, Ok, so I don't remember the exact headlines word for word, but I'm pretty sure these are close!):

pic via zugaldia
Here is a handy dandy article on how to prevent your friends from seeing all the embarrassing and weird things you read online! PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE and if we're lucky, we'll NEVER know you read it!