Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Is Social Reader Damaging Your Reputation?

Do people REALIZE what their social reader is broadcasting to their newsfeeds??? And do these people REALLY want us to know they read that article on "How To Improve Your Duckface"? Here are some examples of crazy headlines I've seen lately (Ok, Ok, so I don't remember the exact headlines word for word, but I'm pretty sure these are close!):

pic via zugaldia
Here is a handy dandy article on how to prevent your friends from seeing all the embarrassing and weird things you read online! PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE and if we're lucky, we'll NEVER know you read it!


  1. I must admit all of those articles look pretty interesting :)

  2. HAHAHAHAHAH!!! maybe these are blog posts waiting to happen??? thanks for the suggestion, mahleon! :)