Monday, May 28, 2012

A Special Memorial Day Post: Celebrating a Day Off From All the Mail!

Happy Memorial Day! On a national holiday like today, I celebrate a break from mail! Never-ending mail that endlessly collects, taking up valuable real estate in my small (but adorable!) studio apartment. Hundreds of magazines a month I never have time to read, bills, catalogs, credit card offers....It is a miracle I ever see the surface of my coffee table (a.k.a. the place I keep my mail until I have time to go through it). I embrace the rare occasion I receive a card or invitation, especially during the holiday season where lovely cards are aplenty (except for the ones from people (my super, mailman etc) gently reminding me to tip them. I don't like those!). Anyway, hope everyone is having a wonderful day off (from work, and from mail!)!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The #1 Thing NOT to Do After You've Had Your Eyes Dilated By A Doctor

I know what you're probably thinking. If your eyes are dilated, don't drive. And definitely don't operate heavy machinery! But (shockingly) what the doctor doesn't warn you, is that it's probably not the best idea to go swimsuit shopping after you've had your pupils dilated.

And swimsuit shopping is just what I tried to do last Thursday after my appointment! I was heading to the beach the next day for the weekend, and it was my last chance to find a new bikini! You should have seen me at Macy's. Dark sunglasses on. Feeling around to find different styles. Putting the price tag right up to my face in a fruitless attempt to read prices. I could barely see a thing! It was ridiculous!

In hindsight (pun intended!), not the best idea. And if you're wondering, I did end up buying something...but it turned out I was not happy with my purchase (shocker of the year!) and plan on returning it. Lesson learned!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Delicious Things I Ate Last Weekend

Woweeee! I ate like a queen last weekend! It's weekends like these that make me wonder why I don't weigh more than I do! (Must be all the running!). If you get food from any of these places, you'll be a happy camper, I promise!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Special Mother's Day Post

Happy Mother's Day to my favorite Mom in the whole world: My Mom!! (And she tells me I'm her favorite Samantha! Awww, Mom!). Every day, I think to myself how lucky I am to have a Mom like her!

Here's a little story to illustrate how much I love her:
Many years back when I was about seventeen, my Mom was driving me somewhere, when we came to a red light. At that moment, I thought to myself how much I loved my Mom, and blew her some air kisses (I know, I was a difficult teen!). She reciprocated and blew some back to me, but at that very moment, a women was crossing in the crosswalk and thought my mom was blowing kisses at her. She definitely had a puzzled look on her face. My Mom and I had a good laugh! And we still laugh about that moment 'til this day.

Point is: I love you Mom! Can't wait to celebrate with you today!

Monday, May 7, 2012

I Don't Want To Brag, But I Have Awesome Friends: Part 1

What I'm about to say might shock you. Are you sitting down? Ok here it is: everyone once in a while I let other people pick the restaurants I dine at. I know, CRAZY, right? In fact, there's one person in particular, one of my BFF's Marissa, who I would let plan my entire trip, not just a meal for one night. And lucky for all of us, she just started a website, Trip Love Travel, where she does JUST THAT for people! You tell her where you're going, and what type of experience you want to have (adventure (NO!!!!!), relaxing, luxurious etc) and she will plan an amazing authentic itinerary for you. She will tell you about the places only the locals frequent. Pretty cool, eh? Lonely Planet, Schmonely Planet! 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

I Don't Want to SEE That-Offensive Locker Room Behavior

Why does everyone love being naked at the gym all the time? Is all that nakedness REALLY necessary? I THINK NOT! Here are just some of the nude moments that have left an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach:

You, NAKED, blowing drying your hair, with your leg up on a chair (Really? Leg up? Why?????).
You, NAKED, chatting with your friend about your weekend plans (Hopefully those plans involve buying a coverup, or something that will allow you to walk around the gym less naked). 
You, NAKED, picking up something that dropped on the ground (Maybe you were picking up a manual on how not to offend others in society?).
You, NAKED, with a towel on your head (If you already HAVE the towel, why not use it to cover up your lady parts?).
You, NAKED, checking your twitter (but strangely not tweeting about how weird it is that you're so naked).
You, NAKED, checking your voicemail (Hopefully someone was calling to request that you stop being so naked in public?).
You, NAKED, applying your makeup (If only you would apply some principles of decency instead!).

And it's never the pretty ones that are naked either!