Monday, May 28, 2012

A Special Memorial Day Post: Celebrating a Day Off From All the Mail!

Happy Memorial Day! On a national holiday like today, I celebrate a break from mail! Never-ending mail that endlessly collects, taking up valuable real estate in my small (but adorable!) studio apartment. Hundreds of magazines a month I never have time to read, bills, catalogs, credit card offers....It is a miracle I ever see the surface of my coffee table (a.k.a. the place I keep my mail until I have time to go through it). I embrace the rare occasion I receive a card or invitation, especially during the holiday season where lovely cards are aplenty (except for the ones from people (my super, mailman etc) gently reminding me to tip them. I don't like those!). Anyway, hope everyone is having a wonderful day off (from work, and from mail!)!

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