Saturday, May 5, 2012

I Don't Want to SEE That-Offensive Locker Room Behavior

Why does everyone love being naked at the gym all the time? Is all that nakedness REALLY necessary? I THINK NOT! Here are just some of the nude moments that have left an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach:

You, NAKED, blowing drying your hair, with your leg up on a chair (Really? Leg up? Why?????).
You, NAKED, chatting with your friend about your weekend plans (Hopefully those plans involve buying a coverup, or something that will allow you to walk around the gym less naked). 
You, NAKED, picking up something that dropped on the ground (Maybe you were picking up a manual on how not to offend others in society?).
You, NAKED, with a towel on your head (If you already HAVE the towel, why not use it to cover up your lady parts?).
You, NAKED, checking your twitter (but strangely not tweeting about how weird it is that you're so naked).
You, NAKED, checking your voicemail (Hopefully someone was calling to request that you stop being so naked in public?).
You, NAKED, applying your makeup (If only you would apply some principles of decency instead!).

And it's never the pretty ones that are naked either!

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