Thursday, May 24, 2012

The #1 Thing NOT to Do After You've Had Your Eyes Dilated By A Doctor

I know what you're probably thinking. If your eyes are dilated, don't drive. And definitely don't operate heavy machinery! But (shockingly) what the doctor doesn't warn you, is that it's probably not the best idea to go swimsuit shopping after you've had your pupils dilated.

And swimsuit shopping is just what I tried to do last Thursday after my appointment! I was heading to the beach the next day for the weekend, and it was my last chance to find a new bikini! You should have seen me at Macy's. Dark sunglasses on. Feeling around to find different styles. Putting the price tag right up to my face in a fruitless attempt to read prices. I could barely see a thing! It was ridiculous!

In hindsight (pun intended!), not the best idea. And if you're wondering, I did end up buying something...but it turned out I was not happy with my purchase (shocker of the year!) and plan on returning it. Lesson learned!


  1. Peeing in my pants! Happy you got your eyes dilated though!

  2. Awww, Whitney!! If ANYONE can appreciate this story, it's YOU! Still can't believe I tried that, RIDICULOUS!

  3. This story made me laugh chicken soup out of my nose at Velselka Monday and this morning burst coffee across my desk... hysterical!