Monday, February 6, 2012

Ryan Gosling Makes It All Better!

Lately Ryan Gosling has been on everyone's mind. There's the Ryan Gosling vs. Puppies Tumblr and the Hey Girl Ryan Gosling Tumblr. Time Warner Cable just announced its Ryan Gosling on Demand Channel for the month of February. Ryan Gosling even makes the streets of New York safer (watch as he breaks up a street fight 30 seconds into the video!). 

But everyone else is JUST catching on to something I've known ever since 2004 (a.k.a the year I saw the Notebook): RYAN GOSLING MAKES IT ALL BETTER!! Here are some other things I think could benefit from being "Ryan Goslinged": 

-Does anyone else despise pennies as much as I do? They're practically worthless, and they take up a lot of space in my wallet. How much less annoying would they be if Ryan Gosling's face was on every shiny cent? Woah, woah, woah, I'm not saying INSTEAD of Abraham Lincoln. I'm saying buh bye Lincoln Memorial, HELLO RYAN GOSLING!

-Boy, I hate rain but Ryan Gosling umbrellas would certainly brighten any dreary day!

-The Post Office: There's got to be SOME way to make the post office less excruciating! Ryan gosling stamps, anyone?

-Is anyone else sick of Google as the only means of finding the answers to life's burning questions? What about a Ryan Gosling Search engine? If MC Hammer can do it, why not Ryan?

-Toast is great, but how much hotter would it be if there was a Ryan Gosling Toaster that imprinted his delicious face onto every slice of bread? You could gaze into his dreamy eyes before each and every bite? SCRUMPTIOUS!

-I hate waking up in the morning, who doesn't? What abut a Ryan Gosling alarm clock?? You get to pat him on the head to turn the alarm clock off! Not a bad way to wake up in the morning!

Is there ANYTHING that cannot be made better by Ryan Gosling??

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  1. This post is the funniest thing ever! I want Ry Gos Stamps, Toast, alarm clock, pennies, umbrellas, the works! Everything would be way better if he was somehow involved. Seriously!