Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mean Psychics are the Worst!

Photo by www.lisarayman.com
Last year for my birthday, my friends organized the most awesome party, where they hired a psychic! Fun, right? Except this particular psychic didn't exactly see the world through rose colored glasses. She seemed to predict nothing but darkness and destruction in everyone's future, and had no problem dishing out the bad news!

"I see disaster...CONFUSION", she warned me. I mean, it was my BIRTHDAY for god's sake! LIE to me, Psychic! Tell me you see birds chirping and angels sprinkling fairy dust onto my gorgeous blonde hair. Tell me I'm going to fall in love and have a lifetime of magical happiness! This is one of those times where it actually IS ok to lie!!

She also told my poor friend Alexis (who had just started a new job she loved) "You are going down the path of doom. But you will get through these hard times". I mean, talk about Debbie Downer!

If I were to do a reading for this psychic, I would tell her I see a new profession in her near future. One that does not involve interacting with other humans!

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