Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Supergreat Greetings at the Craftacular: A Dream Come True!

Supergreat Greetings was at the BUST Magazine Craftacular on Saturday, and boy was it like a dream (except my dreams usually involve all my teeth falling out and people trying to kill me, so the Craftacular was actually MUCH MUCH better!). Here were some of the highlights:
1. People bought cards! And not just my friends and family (although they were quite generous as well, I LOVE YOU GUYS!!). Was amazing to see people's reaction to the cards (and have an excuse to talk about pork buns and ramen all day, which is what I love doing anyway)!
2. Robert Sietsema, a food critic for the Village Voice, posted pics of my cards and wrote the word "wonderful" to describe them. Is this real? Am I dreaming?
3. The vendors on both sides of me were so nice! Melissa of Metal Sugar (Such adorable jewelry! We even did a trade: gorgeous earrings for some foodie greeting cards), and Nate and Laura of I was honored to be surrounded by such talent!
4. After the event, I was lugging all my goods home, when I met a nice chivalrous boy outside my building. He helped my carry my things inside, and even held doors open for me. SIGH!
5. Have I mentioned Robert Sietsema wrote about my cards (and described them as "wonderful"!!!)? Dream come true!

Overall, such an amazing day!!