Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Adam Platt Has Spoken (And I Have Listened)

In this week's New York Magazine, Adam Platt lists the top 100 restaurants in NY right now....Which for me is part trip down memory lane, and part to-do list for 2012! Here are the restaurants I would LOVE to try next year (I should probably start making reservations now):

-Per Se (DUH! Who doesn't want to eat at Per Se? Must find some special occasion to celebrate!)

-Momofuku Ko (Been wanting to try for years! But could anything be better than pork buns?)

-Torrisi Italian Specialties (My love of Frankies Spuntino makes it hard to for me to enjoy any other Italian restaurants but this one sounds GOOOOD!)

-Maialino-I walk by this restaurant, located in the Gramercy Park Hotel, all the time and peer in with envy, wondering why I haven't been yet. It looks so delightful in there! And if Danny Meyer has anything to do with the place, it must be good (hello Shake Shack! and Eleven Madison Park (which is also on the Platt's list by the way)).

-L'Atelier De Joel Robuchon-(I know a guy who actually CRIED at Joel Robuchon's restaurant in Paris because the food was so extraordinary! And I hear Robuchon's New York restaurant is pretty darn amazing too.)


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