Monday, December 5, 2011

Watch Out, Oprah! My Favorite Things From Last Week

Oprah, I'm taking over where you left off...Here are some of my favorite things from last week...*
Favorite Song: Robyn "Stars 4-Ever".  This song will make you dance! YEAH!!
Favorite MealBagel with Horseradish Cream Cheese, Smoked Salmon and Wasabi Roe from Russ and Daughters. MMMMMMM...Pretty to look at and DEELISH!
Favorite TV Show: "Up All Night". It's cute and funny, and Maya Rudolph's character as a wannabe Oprah is reason enough to tune in. HILARIOUS!
Favorite Website: Found out about it at the NY Tech Meetup. Design your own stuff and have it made. Or buy cool stuff other people have designed. AWESOME!

*Sorry, people...There's nothing under your chairs and no trips to Australia or free cars!


  1. Genius bagel. Drooling just thinking about it. We need to campaign to have that bagel named "The Classy Delancey."

  2. HAHAHA I WOULD LOVE THAT! let's do it! I can't think of any cause more worthy :)