Thursday, January 12, 2012

The "Downton Abbey" Theme Song: Soundtrack To My Life

Oh how I wish the delightfully dramatic "Downton Abbey" theme song would play every time one of the following things happened in my life (I suggest playing the video as you read the following):

-The subway pulls away just as I enter the station.
-I realize my Groupon has expired.
-I look in my mailbox, and there's nothing there (especially traumatic if someone was holding the elevator door for me while I checked my mail).
-No one comments on my Facebook status
-Photoshop quits on me before I've saved my changes.
-I catch a typo in my email after I've hit send.
-My Klout score has gone done a point (or more! the horror!)
-A song I want is not available on Spotify.
-They are out of the toilet paper I like at the store.
-Opentable only has a dinner reservation at 6:30 or 10:30.
-My dvr doesn't record "Downton Abbey"

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