Monday, July 9, 2012

Letters From Camp-Part 4

I don't know what disturbs me more about the following letter, the fact that I seemed absolutely miserable at camp or the fact that I was obviously confused about how to spell the word "please". This is the third time I've seen "pleazzz" written in one of my camp letters. Where on earth did I get that from??? Anyway, here's another awesome letter:

Ahhh, nine year old Sam, so dramatic! I love "There is no fun whatsoever here". If you haven't read all my other hilarious letters, here they are...and plenty more to come!


  1. I feel so bad for nine year old Sam! Poor thing!

  2. Funny to see "Hell" show up in the same letter that started with "Mommy and Daddy" :)

  3. Reminds me of something one of my campers said today: "I hate camp! It's worser than death!"

    ...because I said he couldn't play with his Pokemon cards.

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