Sunday, July 29, 2012

One of My Most Painful Childhood Memories (Not Including Camp, Of Course)

Those that know me know I LOVE to tell stories! Especially about myself! One of my all time favorite stories took place in third grade....
We were given an assignment to do a report on the historical figure of our choice. Don't ask my WHY but I chose Duke Ellington (pretty cool for a third grader, eh?). 

Simple enough right? WRONG! At the last minute, our teach informed us that we would need to dress up as the person we chose. I WAS DEVASTATED! Had I known this would be part of the assignment, I definitely would have chosen Lady Di, or someone with less facial hair.

On the day we presented our report, my teacher FORCED me to draw a mustache on my face, and (SHOCKER) I cried! Of course she took a photo to capture that moment forever. Unfortunately I don't have that photo today, but I can still picture it in my head (permanent marker mustache on my face, red eyes, sad face. Ridiculous!), and here's a pretty good re-enactment of it:


  1. I'm pretty sure she would get fired nowadays. That's borderline abusive and traumatizing!

  2. hahahaha I LOVE this story! Why did they make us dress up like the people, what does that accomplish?? This information would have been useful upfront, Mrs. Withers!