Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Steamy Love Story

For those of you who think real life romance isn't possible, let me tell you a story about a pizza delivery man who changed my life forever:

I was coming back from my lunch break, and was just about to get into the elevator of my building when I overheard the pizza delivery man tell the doorman he was going to "dos cero seis" (which means 206). We both got into the elevator together, and that's when things started steaming up.

I went to push the second floor button for him.
He said seductively "Hablas EspaƱol?" {Do you Speak Spanish?}
I innocently replied "Un poco" {a little}
He looked deep into my eyes and said "Eres Hermosa" {you are beautiful}
I said "Thank you" (can't remember if I said it in Spanish or not)
We arrived at the second floor, he declared passionately to me "I love you"
I was surprised, but it was completely understandable. I told him graciously: "Thank you"
And just as he was about to leave the elevator (and possibly my life forever) he begged "A kiss???"
And that's when I pushed the "doors close" button as quickly as possible!!

Ahhh, just when you think it's impossible to find love in the city, fate delivers! I still think about that pizza delivery man to this day, and wonder what might have happened if I didn't push the doors closed in his face. Would we ride off on his bicycle together into the night? Would he be able to get me extra toppings for free?

Alas, we just weren't meant to be together, it was a pie in the sky idea!

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