Monday, August 27, 2012

The Best School Portraits You Will Ever See...EVER

Every now and then, you meet someone who changes your life forever. For me, this person was Kris who, just a few minutes after I met him at my friend Dave's BBQ, shared with me the most extraordinary (100% real) school portraits from his youth. I can't even imagine the look on his mother's face when he brought them home to show her (and the dread she must have felt each year wondering he would do next!). So here they are, the most amazing hilarious school portraits that were ever taken in the entire world!!!

Kris, with My Buddy

Kris, wearing coonskin cap and holding panda
Thanks for sharing, Kris!! YOU ARE A ONE OF A KIND PERSON!!

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  1. To be fair, even models pose better with props—though they usually have less creepy ones.