Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Need Some Time Apart From You, Shazam

UGGG! There's nothing worse than the following situation: You hear an amazing song in a store/restaurant/bar. You just have to know what that song is! You take out your phone, and it's time to Shazam it. You hold the phone as close to the speaker as possible. You might even shush people that try to talk or laugh. They are getting in the way of you discovering what could be your new all time favorite song. How DARE they? Anyway, you patiently wait as Shazam examines the song. Your heart palpitates. Beads of sweat roll down your face. Will Shazam step up to the plate this time? And then....the wind is knocked out of you: "NO MATCH" flashes on the screen. Devastation! You yell out "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" How will you ever find out what that song is? You must find a way to go on despite the disappointment and emptiness. Remind yourself that you have other songs you love. Everything is going to be ok. (Can you tell this just happened to me recently? I am still devastated! That song was AMAAAAZING! Don't worry, I'll move on from this, I will).

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