Friday, September 30, 2011

Journal Friday-The Spelling Bee

Ok, so the moment you've all been dreading has finally arrived: I think I've run out of fifth grade journal entries! Thank god I only stayed in fifth grade for one year, and there are only so many entries you can write in your journal when you're busy dating, and learning about your body, and coming up with amazing inventions. But I will try my hardest to continue to find goodies from my past (or from the internet once I run out those!) to share with you. Sooo, here's an entry from my fourth grade journal. Not as eloquent, but just as hilarious, I think!


  1. I love the irony of repeating the spelling of that word.

  2. oh my GOD! that's genius! i didn't even realize that!! so funny!!

  3. Yes! I love your self defensive hating mechanism for the prizes!