Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kermit Schmermit

I'm not just plugging the following "Puppets Feel Too" videos because my friend Emi made (and styled (by shopping for tiny clothes at h&m!) and improvised and filmed) them. I'm plugging them because they're hilariously AMAZING!! 

Meet Firecracker Mike, who had a little verbal run-in with Emi's roommate Liz a few nights earlier due to his inconsiderate firecracker use in the courtyard outside their building. This is his response to that:

Also check out Talulah Crumpet (a sassy British reporter), Dill the hipster (If you have some more time, this one's 5 minutes), and Dill doing Elton John.

I can't wait to see what Emi does next (Hint! Hint! Please make more! Now that Netflix is too expensive, I'm counting on you as my sole source of affordable entertainment!!)


  1. lol Yes! Firecracker Mike gets his moment in the sun!!

  2. Yay Dill! I'm just glad you're not jealous I didn't feature YOU in the post! Then again, that would be very un-hipster of you to be jealous. Unless it was in an ironic way...