Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tricking Your Friends Is Fun

I'm pretty sure this is a "you had to be there story" but I'm willing to take a chance...Last Thursday all the stars aligned, and I spontaneously pulled off the best office prank of the year so far...(Besides that time Alexis tricked me into thinking I had a flesh eating virus, that was hilarious!).

Around 11:30am, Alexis and I decided we were going to order Cuban food from Tina's around noon. She said she would call in the order, and since I had the website up on my screen, I told her I would give her the phone number....and it was in that instant I realized instead of giving her Tina's number, I could give her my cell # (I knew there was no way she would recognize it!)....And brilliance ensued....

About a half hour later, my phone rang..It was Alexis. Before I continue this story, I think you should know that she sits about 10 feet away from me, with only a cubical wall in our way, making this story all the more ridiculous.

Ok, so my phone rang, and I picked it up..In my most quiet and creepy voice ever, I said "Hello?". Alexis hesitated...then nervously said "Uh, Is this Tina's?"...After a few moments, I unconvincingly whispered "Yes"....desperately trying to stifle my laughter...It was then that she realized what was going on. I'm amazed she didn't figure it out earlier!

I have never laughed so hard in my life. Seriously tears were streaming down my face. I highly recommend trying this out on your coworkers if you ever have the chance!!!

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