Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Marian and the Cockroach

Ahh, NY and cockroaches. Unfortunately, they go hand in hand. So I was not surprised to hear the story my twin sis Marian told me last week, although I was amused and horrified. She was recently shopping at Bloomingdale's when she picked up a shirt to check it out. She loved everything about it, except the cockroach pin so she asked a sales associate if the pin was removable. And he said, "THAT'S A REAL COCKROACH!!". AHHHHH! Only in NY!!!


  1. I still shudder thinking about it!

  2. Oh my God. Stop. The two of you have the most amazing cockroach run-ins.

  3. Haha, unfortunately it's a rite of passage for every new yorker :) As well as rats! Actually, saw a rat crawling on the subway tracks yesterday that was the size of a cat, and galloping like a horse. Horrifying!