Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Superimpose Me-Laura Takes on Melbourne!

Superimpose Me recently received a request from Laura, who just moved to Melbourne, Australia, and wanted some help getting settled into her new city...Here is what Superimpose Me made possible:

-Melbourne has proudly declared February 1st as National Laura Day. To celebrate, people will crowd the streets donning Laura masks, and there will be a comedy festival across the city to celebrate Laura's fabulous sense of humor. There will also be fireworks on the Yarra River, she's a firecracker that Laura!
-All street names in the CBD starting with "L" will be changed to Laura: Little Lonsdale Street is now Little Laura Street, Latrobe Street is now Laura Street.
-Footy players have been spotted tattooing Laura's name all over their extremely burly bodies.
-Luna Park will now be called "Laura Park", and Laura's face will be the entrance...Although in order to avoid disrupting her gorgeous smile, visitors are now encouraged to enter through the side entrance.
-Carlton Draught will be rebranded as Laura Draught and packaging will reflect that change.
-License plates will now say: Victoria, home of Laura

carlton draught pic by James Cridland, footy pic by rhoftonphoto
Laura, Melbourne loves having you there!! It is a lucky city and you are a lucky girl to be there! ENJOY!!

If any other readers would like Superimpose Me to bring one of their dreams to life, send a request and a clear pic to I will try my best to make it happen!

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  1. I see you also made your way to Laura Park with your koala in tow ( or should I say - cling on for dear life! )

  2. Awww, mom (now that i know it is in fact you), I never get sick of you commenting on my blog! You're the best (and not just because you comment on my blog, you did give me life too!). You are right! I did make it to Laura Park w/ my koala. We had a great time. I gave a live hip hop performance (my first solo performance away from Gramercy Girl$) and we went on some rides. It was amazing!! Love you!