Monday, October 24, 2011

Another Disgusting Cockroach Story

I know everyone loves a good New York cockroach story, so here's another one for you! A friend of mine was at her therapist, when she felt what she thought was her scarf tickling her neck. When she went to brush it away, she realized it was a huge cockroach. She jumped up and began screaming bloody murder. The therapist quickly got up too, and swatted at her patient while screaming "KILL IT!!! KILL IT!!!!". After a few minutes of frantic yelling and swatting, the cockroach finally jumped off my friend and onto the floor. The therapist opened the bathroom door and they both watched as the cockroach scurried through the doorway. The patient thought she might need an additional few years of therapy after this experience, but she turned out to be ok. It is New York after all, and unfortunately we're all used to a little cockroach action!


  1. Let the puns begin!"Somethings' been bugging me doc"; "I really feel I need to get this off my chest" :)

  2. omg, that is AMAZING! can you believe those didn't even cross my mind (no pun intended! (or existing!)). but seriously, you are so funny!