Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Product of a Lifetime

I was just innocently looking up the local weather forecast when I stumbled on an ad* for a product that is going to change my life!! It's a skin cream (whose name I won't mention for fear that it might sell out) that promises to make me look about 30 years younger!!! Here are some actually pics they posted to reveal the dramatic results. I can't BELIEVE IT!!! See for yourself!!!

What did they mean by "try this weird solution"?? What's weird about it?? Looks pretty AMAZING to me!! Here's another ad that only confirms my initial suspicion: THIS PRODUCT IS AWESOME!!

If you read the fine print in the second ad, it says this is a "Dramatization". HUH? What does that mean? Is this not real? In any case, I am placing my order now, I'm not going to let another second pass me by. Wrinkles are for people that don't have the internet!!

*I swear to god this is a real ad I saw on the web! No Superimpose Me was involved here. It is 100% true! Crazy!


  1. AND it changed the color of her sweater too! Amazing!

  2. haha! i know! ooh, i have a pair of shoes I'd love to change the color of...wonder if it works on leather goods too...

  3. The before pic face looks pretty close to leather, so probably.