Monday, October 31, 2011

New York Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

costume illustrations by sam, baby pics via fumpt, TedsBlog, Lars Plougmann, jencu, mynameisharsha
Other ideas include: subway rat, fruit man, bag of trash, marathon runner, metro card, hot dog vendor, Wall Street bull...What else am I missing?

Happy Halloween, everyone! Did you know that thanks to this glorious holiday, you are contributing billions of dollars to the American economy (thanks for telling me about this, Dad!)? I did my part to support this crumbling economy by wearing a sexy tree costume. WOOHOOO!!!


  1. Naked Cowbaby is my favorite!

  2. This post is the CUTEST!!!!
    Dad says you are brilliant!!!!

  3. thanks Ale! And thanks mom! You know what they say, the most unbiased review you can ever get is from your parents :) love you!