Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Hottest Kitchens In Town

The following three restaurants have been the toast of the town lately. GREAT PRESS ALL OVER THE PLACE (i.e. you will have to sell your new iphone 4S for BIG BUCKS and bribe someone if you ever want to see the inside of these places and actually eat food!). I am dying to try though:

Tertulia -New Spanish restaurant that's being RAVED about by every single critic and blog. Is it all smoke and mirrors or is this place really as awesome as they say? I guess I'll found out in 2015 when they hype dies down and I'm actually able to get a table there!
Miss Lily's- The most stylish Jamaican restaurant in town. I popped into Miss Lily's Friday night at 7:30 to see how long the wait would be for a party of two. "Sorry, we won't have anything until 11pm". Uh oh. You don't want to come in contact with hungry Sam. She can be a vicious creature!! (Had to eat somewhere else which actually turned out to be an amazing little hidden gem, Snack. Great pick, Michael!)

Red Farm- Farm to table Chinese food (including Pac-Man dumplings!)? I SAY YES!

For more ideas on where you just HAVE to eat right now, check out Eater's Heatmap.

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