Thursday, January 27, 2011

Airplane Food Lovin' Foodie

I don't know what it is about airplane food, but i just absolutely love it! I DO! As soon as I hear the jingle jangle of that food cart, excitement begins to build...So many possibilities! I love the stale roll with hard butter, the endless bags of snacky treats, crisp iceberg lettuce with creamy dressing I would never choose, and the peeling off of the film covers to reveal the main attraction: creamy saucy cheesy tortellini something...and dessert too!? This is too good! When do you ever get to have such a random assortment of guilty pleasure items in such a perfect portion size all at the same time? Heaven!

In any other situation, if someone tried to serve me food like this I would: 1. write a horrific review on yelp 2. send the food back to the kitchen and refuse to pay 3. cry

But 30,000 ft in the air and I can't get enough!


  1. love the comments from the critics!
    maybe you've got an internal, moving standard of excellence? 30,000 ft up, recycled air, 50cm space to sit in, snoring strangers. stale bread? delish!!

  2. Yes, and i look forward to many more hours of enjoyment of mediocre food on my journey to about 14 days, 19 hours, 47 minutes, and 15 seconds from now! But who's counting?