Monday, January 3, 2011

Listen to this! (music recommendation)

Ok, so I just discovered this band that I'm a little bit obsessed with right now: Lord Huron. It is the most beautiful, ethereal music I've listened to in a long time. I first became entranced last weekend during the blizzard. The snow was falling, and the city was quiet. It was the perfect soundtrack!

Apparently, singer and songwriter Ben Schneider recorded the band's first two EP's, "Into the Sun" and "Mighty" all by himself, which is kind of amazing considering it sounds like a chorus of magical fairies, squirrels and butterflies making music together in blissful harmony! Ben also created the artwork for the album, which totally captures the essence of their sound, and is breathtaking. Check out the song "The Stranger", it is gooooooood!

I've got nothing but praise for Lord Huron. Let there be more songs released by them in 2011!