Monday, January 10, 2011

My Date with "Miguel"

Way too often, I feel like I am on an episode of Candid Camera or in some movie with zany antics (that I would probably switch off)... I swear, the craziest things happen to me!

A few nights ago I went out with this guy Michael. We were sitting at the bar talking, when I noticed the crazy guy next to us staring at my date. I tried to ignore it, but eventually, Crazy Guy started mumbling something to Michael..."Miguel? Miguel?" Finally Crazy Guy said louder, "Sorry to interrupt, but you look exactly like my cousin Miguel." He proceeded to tell us Miguel's entire life story* and show us a pic (in which a woman was kissing Miguel's cheek. I pretended to be outraged!). HOLY MOLY! Miguel seriously did look exactly like my date...Not to mention they had the same name! We all had a good laugh, reenacted the infamous pic for Crazy Guy to photograph, and Crazy Guy bought us a round of drinks....Good times were had by all (especially Crazy Guy)!

*In addition, crazy guy hijacked our date for about 45 minutes to tell us his whole life story: He is 40 years old but looks so much younger! Divorced with 4 kids, manages 3 buildings on UES...For a year, he's been dating a 50 year old woman who has a great bod and is amazing in the sack (i've never seen or heard so many hand gestures or sounds to represent this). They met through Crazy Guy's ex girlfriend who he dated 14 years ago. He makes his own Moonshine and sells it to the Jews (?). When Crazy Guy was in elementary school, he dated an identical twin, and the only way he could tell her apart from her sister was a mole she had on her back. One time he kissed the wrong twin by mistake! It went on and on..Oh Crazy Guy, you so crazy! And you sure know how to set the mood for a romantic date!

adapted from an image on Karen's Whimsy


  1. I so love your dating stories! :) I love love love it! When I read your blog it's like I can hear you. :)

  2. yay Joanna! Glad you like :) At least now my bad/weird dates serve a purpose in my life (to add posts to my blog!)

  3. all those bad dates must be happening for a reason - for us to enjoy!! only joking. but i do love the story!

  4. That is one of the best dating stories I've heard in a long time:-)

  5. Thanks guys! Don't worry, I'm sure you will have many more ridiculous stories to look forward to(unfortunately for me!)!