Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It was a good date, on paper

Richard knew I love cookies, so he planned a COOKIE PICNIC for our first date! What is a cookie picnic, you ask? It's where you sit on a bench in Washington Square Park, and eat milk and cookies. I had a feeling this was going to be good...

Well this particular day was the hottest and most humid day of the year so far. We were dripping with sweat! After a bit of talking, i had noticed his right eyebrow had some hairs brushed out of place...Kind of made him look like he was raising his eyebrow, intrigued by everything i was saying (which would be completely understandable). I debated whether or not to say anything...

But finally i was like "Ok, i just have to fix your eyebrow" and I put my hand up to try to fix it..and that's when he said "Actually, that's just the way my eyebrow is...Don't worry, people try to fix it all the time..Even my hairdresser tried to shave that part off..But my grandmother has the same eyebrow so i kind of like it".
                         adapted from a photo by Lee J Haywood
I never heard from Richard again after that date, but I did learn a really cool dishwasher trick from him (You know it's a hot date when you're trading kitchen tips!). Here's how it works: When you put your cutlery away in the dishwasher, put all the spoons in one section, all forks in another, and knives in the third. This way they're already sorted when it's time to empty the dishwasher. So simple but it's completely changed my life. Thanks, Richard!!

And the search for a perfect mate continues...


  1. omg that's hilarious and a great trick! I've gotta teach Michael, the organizational master.

  2. Thanks Karen! Please don't teach Michael any more ways to be organized! He's scary enough as is! :)