Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Heart Ramen...and Dates!

photo made possible by Char Ong's Camera
When it comes to good food, I am like the U.S. Postal Service: "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night" will keep me away! So yesterday I trekked through the snow to eat a solo lunch at Ippudo, and it was worth every sludgy splash to get there. So goooooood! And I got this awesome t-shirt that says "I Heart Ramen". What day off from work could be better?
As I slurped my Ramen, I reminisced about the first time I ever went to Ippudo. It was a second date with this guy Matt I was seeing. We ordered this delicious appetizer that came with 5 pieces of shrimp. When it came time to decide who would get the last shrimp, we went back and forth a few times offering it to each other (cute, right? I definitely thought we were soul mates!) and then finally he said, "I couldn't possibly take it. I actually had a lot of Mentos before dinner". HAHAHA!! I wasn't sure at the time if he was kidding or serious (it turned out he was actually serious) but I thought it was hilarious. He also admitted to me that he once got a knee injury (I think it was a torn meniscus?) from tossing and turning in his bed. That gave me a good laugh too. This guy definitely got a third date!

Moral of the story is: Ippudo is awesome! Go on dates! Go alone! Perfect way to spend a snowy afternoon. (R)Amen to that!

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