Thursday, January 6, 2011

To Tip or Not to Tip?

cartoon by Fritz

So, here's the scenario: I go to a fancy sandwich shop like No. 7 Sub. Walk up to the counter, and place my order (usually the Eggplant Parm, which surprisingly does not contain any eggplant. Instead it is filled with Fontina, Yellow Squash, Pickled Jalapeños, and BBQ Potato Chips...INSIDE the sandwich! I know, I know, it sounds delicious...Well it is! Ok, FOCUS, Sam. This entry is NOT about eating!). So the cashier guy pushes some buttons on the register, magically places my order, and gives me change or a credit card slip to sign. Voilá, his job is done!

The tip jar taunts me: "Come on!! You're not going to give me ANYTHING??? What, are you too cheap? You have something BETTER to do with that money?"

Me: "But why should I tip? He just pushed some buttons on a cash register Just because this place is super trendy and has an adorable logo, now I have to tip the cashier?"

Tippy: "How dare you write $0 on that credit card slip! You are soooo not going to heaven now. Can you say BAD KARMA??"

Me: "'s not like I'm at a restaurant where I'm getting actual table service. I am MORE than happy to tip 20% or more for that. BUT THIS??? And what tip is even expected? Should I drop in my change? Will $1 offend him? Who does the money even go to?

It is a never ending debate: To tip or not to tip...But in my opinion, the answer is not so subtly hidden within the name of this delicious sandwich shop: No!!!!!

Am I right? I have no way to know. But I do know, the one time I went there with my sis and coworker, they each tipped $1 and were both surprised to find black and white cookies tucked into their bags. I tipped $0, and when I went to look for my cookie, sadly NUTTIN'! Cookie blackmail, it's the worst kind, really. The cookie wasn't even that good anyway. So THERE!


  1. No tip! well, maybe tip for exceptional, you really changed the course of my day kind of service. They should be making more than servers, if it's not enough, that's the fault of their owners. And also, you give them money to put in their pocket, and they give you a reward cookie that costs their employer? Doesn't add up. I sound really old.

  2. Yeah that cookie thing was just wierd. I only tip cashiers for amazing service. For the woman who gets me coffee everyday I drop my change in the tip jar and occassionally throw in an extra buck. But she helps me every. single. day.

    I find it annoying to have tip jars all over the place for everyone.

  3. That cookie was super delicious. You're just a "Jealous Jean".

  4. I fully agree with you on that on, Jess: There is no doubt about it, cookie blackmail is bad news, all around! Thanks for your feedback, Beth! Glad I'm not the only one annoyed by the tip jars all over town. Alexis, that cookie was just eh! I've definitely had better. Sincerely, Jealous Jean

  5. There is no place for cookie blackmail!