Saturday, January 1, 2011

Milton, the New Year's Eve Piñata

Happy New Year! Today I fondly reflect on the life of Milton, the New Year's Eve Piñata. The story of Milton: 

Five years ago, I was in Chicago visiting my friends Joanna and Mike for NYE. We planned to have a Mexican themed New Year's party (don't ask me why!) and what Mexican themed New Year's party (are there many?) is complete without a piñata? We ended up ditching the Mexican theme, but we kept the piñata and named him Milton....and he became our muse for the weekend! And now, the adventures of Milton!

Milton gets a ride from the airport.

Milton wonders how he will reach the button he needs.

Milton needs some privacy.

Milton celebrates the joyous season.

Milton checks his email. This was before Twitter.

Milton takes a nap before his big night out.

Milton after one too many martinis.
Unfortunately, after that delightful weekend in Chicago, Milton was promptly dumped in the trash by my friend's mom. You will be in my heart forever, Milton. I am thinking of you today, and always. 

May 2011 be as full and rewarding a year for us as just that one weekend in Milton's life. 

R.I.P Milton.


  1. i knew you'd take the blogging ball and run to the other end of the field with it!
    happy new year!

  2. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I LOVE THIS Homage to Milton. I miss him so much. He was so nice just like our waiter at 'I Love Mr.Sushi.' I hope that one day we will have such a nice waiter again.

  3. Thanks Liz!Blogging is the BEST! I am totally hooked. Awww Joanna, I completely forgot about that amazing waiter from I Love Mr. Sushi who went above and beyond the call of duty to make a difference in the lives of two young college students. We really should try to get him in the Oprah audience for one of those Favorite Things episodes or something like that. He deserves to be showered with gifts!!!

  4. Oh my god, this is HILARIOUS!! I LOVE IT!

  5. Thanks Karen! Milton was so fun, you would have loved him!