Monday, March 21, 2011

Bizarre New Dating Website

adapted from photo by BurgTender
I recently read an article in New York Magazine about a new online dating service called and let's face it, I was intrigued!! Here's the premise: Using facial recognition technology, the website matches you up with partners who have similar facial features/structure (you can then sift further through those matches and find people who have similar interests/values to you). Apparently, we are more likely to be attracted to people that look like us. I sooo signed myself up! The full site should be launching later this month. I'll let you know if I find someone, I'm sure they'll be adorable! 

P.S. Is anyone else really disturbed by the photo on this post? I ran it by a few people before I posted it, and they didn't even know how to put into words how it made them feel. Eventually, the words "disturbed", "creeps me out", "speechless" were mentioned. I really don't even know how to process the image myself!


  1. why, you make such a!
    actually, i'm pretty speechless too.

  2. Thanks Liz!! That's really sweet...I think :)

  3. Um, I was laughing so loud I had to share this with my office mate. We both peed our pants a little.

  4. Hi I think u look great with that lady's haircolor.

  5. THANKS JOANNA!! if I can make people pee in their pants, mission accomplished. seriously so cool! Thanks Lilly, i'll keep it in mind! Think I might go blonder though. Or maybe i'll just chop it all off and go w/ the man approach. People seem to be digging it?