Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Music Recommendation-Anything with "Twin" is Good!

Ok, I've decided that when it comes to music, anything band that has the word "Twin" in its name is awesome! Let me explain....While I was in Melbourne (are you sick of hearing these words yet? Melbourne! Melbourne! Melbourne!) My cousin Nadav introduced me to two bands that I am absolutely obsessed with: Twin Shadow and Twin Sister. Twin Shadow has an electronic 80's sound, and Twin Sister is more ethereal and mellow, but they are both AMAZING!!! Listen for yourself...

In addition to the word "Twin" making all music amazing, adding the word "Lady" has a similar effect: Ladyhawke, Lady Gaga, "Lady Daydream" (as the next song is called):

I couldn't find an official video for this Twin Shadow song, but this is even better:

BTW, that's me to the left in the "Twins Rule" pic and my twin sister Marian is to the right. Awww, sisterly love...How cute are our matching outfits? And love the intense model pouts on our faces. America's Next Top Model, here we come!


  1. aww yay for twins! love what you did with the pic :D I like the music too--though I think I was distracted with the video during Twin Shadow's song.

  2. that photo is so cute. you two haven't changed much.