Friday, March 4, 2011

Fifth Grade Journal Friday-My Relationship with Travis Blossoms

Gosh, he looked cute in that pic (Sorry, I covered up his face to protect his identity. But trust me, he was adorable!)! And how hot are those lasers in the background? I always wanted lasers in my school photo background, but my Mom always made me go with that classic blue background. But I'm not bitter or anything!! (By the way, I wrote down the roses comment in 1992 but this journal entry is from March 11, 1991).


  1. my favorite part is where you indicate which direction the picture goes! without that you thought we'd think he was a sideways person

  2. I think maybe I wrote that before I actually had his picture...Just to let myself know which way I was going to put the picture. Not that that makes any more sense!! I think I've come a long way in 20 years!!

  3. Definitely! I used to do stuff like that in my journal too..write instructions so 'future me' would know what I was talking about :)