Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jose's Your Man!

I came home Friday to find Jose's business card shoved in my door, and let me tell you, I was intrigued! I didn't know what service Jose was offering at all (I thought maybe there would be more info on the back of the card...sadly it was blank), but I I knew I wanted Jose to do it for me. Is it an airport transportation service? Moving van? Whatever it is, Jose's the man! 

You're probably wondering why I blocked out his phone number. Well, if I divulge his contact info to ALL of my readers, Jose won't have any time to help ME with whatever service he offers....and that's just not fair! NO WAY JOSE! I found him first (Actually, HE found me)!

UPDATE: I tried calling Jose to find out more about his business, but no one picked up the phone. You would think with the huge response Jose would be expecting from this campaign, he would have more people on hand to field calls. Oh well! 


  1. So weird. Sammy u have so much to write about.

  2. haha i know! the world is my oyster of ridiculousness...pretty sure i will never run out of things to write about!