Wednesday, March 23, 2011

HEY! Those aren't the right lyrics!!

I know you've been there: You're rockin' out to your favorite tune, belting it out like there's no tomorrow...when someone starts pointing and laughing uncontrollably at you...because you've totally screwed up the lyrics in a way you never knew was possible. Embarrassment! Shame! How many people have you incorrectly serenaded through the years? Is the likelihood of messing up lyrics directly proportional to how cool you think you are when you're singing them? I'm pretty sure it is!

Here are some of my favorite lyrical disasters:

Salt N Pepa "Push It": Instead of "Ah, Push it! Push it real good!", I thought it was "Ah, BULLSHIT. BULLSHIT real good!". I remember thinking I was so cool singing those swear words, in the middle of Marshall's discount department store, with my mom bargain shopping just a few racks away. Actually, now that I think of it, if the first definition on Urban Dictionary is correct, "BULLSHIT real good" is much more appropriate for an 8 year old to be singing!

One song I messed up for many years was Eric Carmen's "Hungry Eyes": Instead of "I look at you and I fantasize", I thought it was "I look at you and I dance on sight". I always imagined Johnny Castle from "Dirty Dancing" being so blown away by Baby that he was inspired to do an instant tap dancing routine! Check out the correct lyrics at the 40 second mark:

Another adorable mistake was in the Carpenters "Top of the World": Instead of "Your love puts me at the top of the world", my Mom always thought it was "You're a cookie at the top of the word". How cute is that? Moms! Cookies! It doesn't get any more adorable, does it? Check out the correct lyrics at the 1 minute mark:

I can't be the only one with all these misunderstood lyrics! Please feel free to serenade me with your own!


  1. I never mess anything up, ever, so I can't relate. I should definately find a new blog to read.

  2. I remember singing "Bullshit real good!" with you!! Also that song "Blinded by the Light" I still hear "wrapped up like a douche" instead of "revved up like a deuce".

  3. good one, Mar! I kind of wish your favorite lyrics from "Genie in a Bottle", "hormones racing at the speed of light", were misheard lyrics...But sadly, those are the correct lyrics! Oh, Xtina!

  4. I actually had to relisten to the song before i commented. My sister and I used to sing "Sexyback" with all the wrong lyrics. we debated between "go head, me go" and "go amigo".
    We were both wrong.

  5. That's awesome Marissa! LOVE "go amigo"!!! hahahaha!

  6. My bestie in grade 6 thought "STOP! in the naaame of love" was "STOP! in the neigh-bor-hood"
    Oh and I'm pretty sure I get most of the lyrics wrong to Ice Ice Baby, but damn I can get through nearly the whole song with my version of lyrical genius.

  7. THAT'S A GOOD ONE GEMMA! I love it!!!
    and you'll have to break out ice ice baby the next (or first) time we do karaoke. I want to see this lyrical genius firsthand!

  8. There are some great misheard lyrics here! And yes, I still think "hormones racing at the speed of light" is one of the most ridiculous lines ever--so clearly written by someone not 16.