Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dreaming about Last Friday Night

collage by Sam, cavatelli pic by Jeffrey_Allen
The only thing that would have made last Friday night better is if someone had been giving away unlimited bulldogs, chocolate chip cookies, and one way tickets to Melbourne Australia...But seriously, the night was pretty darn amazing as is! The weather was magnificent, the city was bustling, everyone was in a great mood! INCLUDING ME!

My friend Michelle and I started the night off at our favorite restaurant Frankies Spuntino. I usually get the Gnocchi (it is out of this world! or "from another dimension" as my cousin Nadav says), but this time I went with my other favorite, House-made Cavatelli with Sausage & Browned Sage Butter..Oh BOY was it good!

After dinner, we decided to walk from the lower east side over the Williamsburg Bridge to our next stop: Brooklyn Winery (Only a few blocks from the Bedford L train stop. Such a cool place!). My new favorite jazz band Lapis Luna serenaded us with luscious sounds of vintage jazz and swing (they even did a cover of the 80's song "Dancing with Myself". AWESOME!). It was pure magic! My friend Gemma (check out her blog!) and her friend Farrah joined us soon after, and good times were had in the photo booth. THERE WERE PROPS!! What more could you ask for?

BEST NIGHT EVER!! It's nights like these that remind me why I love NY!!


  1. AAACK!! Cavetelli, more like can't-ya-smellie!
    Just kidding I love all things Frankies too!!

  2. Umm hella-yeah best night ever - BAM!