Thursday, April 28, 2011

Profile Pic Advice from an Online Dating Pro (Me!)

I've been dabbling in online dating for YEARS. And I am always shocked by the profile pics men choose to represent themselves. Men, this is the FIRST thing the ladies are going to see when browsing though hundreds of profiles. Are you sure that photo of you running your hands through your hair while standing under a waterfall is going to reel her in? Here's a little list of pointers I threw together to help those men in need:

1. No pics of you with your shirt off, taken by you with your flip phone camera in the mirror. JUST BAD ALL AROUND! On so many levels...
2. This kind of relates to number 1, but also deserves a separate mention. PLEASE no pics of you with your shirt off, flexing your muscles. I don't know if you're kidding or not, but it's not funny!
3. Regarding food and drink: No pics of you looking sloppy drunk....or eating, with your mouth open. REALLY? Do I REALLY need to say this?
4. Save the head shots for your agent. You might look amazing in it, but it comes off as cheesy in this venue. Try for something more natural (but be sure to read the pointers listed here for guidance).
5. No pics of you with your sexy lady friends. I don't care if she's your sister, life coach or minister...Post it on facebook instead!
6. Now, this is a biggie. Pay close attention because heeding this advice could make all the difference for you: PLEASE, no pics of you that might intentionally or unintentionally make me think you might chop me up into little pieces and go for a joyride with me in the trunk of your car. Seriously, WAY too many men look like serial killers in their profile pics. What's up with that?

That's it really. Besides all that, have fun and be yourself! Unless "being yourself" involves posing shirtless making a "sexy" model face with your Pug in your arms or holding up a pair of open scissors with your eye peeking through them (both real examples I've seen! I save them on my computer in a folder called "Bad Dating Pics". If you ever come over I'll show you). Good luck out there, it's not easy!


  1. i want to see those pictures!!

    i'll just have to come to new york again.

  2. haha well if that's what it take to get you here, I will definitely keep those photos from you until you book your ticket :)