Monday, April 18, 2011

I Will Miss You, Bread

HAPPY PASSOVER EVERYONE! As a carb loving Jew who dreads Passover every year (you can't eat any leavened products for eight torturous days. This includes pretty much anything yummy like bread, cookies, cereal, cake, cupcakes, brownies. NO LEAVENING+SAM=NO FUN!), I was delighted to stumble upon a recipe for homemade whole grain matzo in Food and Wine Magazine. It looked so bread-like, toasty and scrumptious! Oh, and there's one small catch: not kosher for Passover. HUH??? Thanks a LOT Food and Wine Magazine! Thanks for ruining my life! Oh well, I guess it could be kind of yummy to try anyway. I guess....


  1. haha "it's not you, it's Passover"

  2. I didn't realize you kept Kosher for passover?!

  3. Not sure who you are, Anonymous, but I'm assuming you saw me stuffing my face with dumplings at that party last night (soooo not kosher for passover) but I assure you that was a mistake! And besides that little slip up, i do keep kosher for passover :)