Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fun and Games in Naples!

It was all fun and games in Naples, Florida last weekend...and by games, I mean SCATTERGORIES!!! If you've never played, here's how it goes: Players get points for thinking of items in different categories starting with specific letters (decided by dice), all within intense 3 minute rounds. If someone comes up with the same answer as you, NO POINTS FOR YOU! It can be subjective, so players can vote on whether an answer is acceptable or not.

Sounds easy right? But trust me, it can get CURRRAZY! And the best part is when people get creative with their answers (as you sometimes do in times of desperation!). Here are some of my favorite answers from the weekend:

category: Item you don't want in your house 
starts with letter: O
answer given: orangutan
points given?: No, because both my mom AND I put "orangutan" down!! Can you BELIEVE IT? Great minds think alike? I wonder if we would have gotten a point if just one of us had put it down. I guess we'll never know!

category: Reason/Excuse for skipping school 
starts with letter: P
answer given: pancakes
points given?: No...Too much of a stretch...Nice try, Sissy!

category: Tool
starts with letter: P
answer given: plumb-bob
points given?: YES! My dad is probably the only person in the world who knows what a plumb-bob is and is able to grab it from within the depths of his (large) brain during a hectic match of Scattergories. GO DAD!!


  1. This is one of the cutest posts ever - you guys are adorable. Love Scattergories, btw. One of my favs.