Thursday, April 21, 2011

Uh, did you MEAN to email this to me?

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UH OH! You didn't send that did you? You did? Oh NOOOOO!!!! You accidentally sent that embarrassing/incriminating/inappropriate email/IM to the wrong person, and odds are: they received it! Although it's never happened to me personally, it's a dangerously easy mistake to make. The wrong name pops up in your autofill, and then you casually hit SEND. By the time you realize what you've done, it's too late! You get that hot flash of panic. You desperately try to use your way with words dig yourself out of this, but to no avail! You just have to hope that time actually does heal all wounds...

My all time favorite instance of this, is the legendary Unicorn Intern photo in our office. Alexis thought it was hilarious so she decided to forward it on to Marian. Except instead of sending it to Marian, she sent it to Maria N by mistake. She got the shock of her life to realize she emailed it to the wrong person!

Please feel free to share your own email mishaps!


  1. I didn't do this but was part of an email chain with the editor of Flavorpill. The person said in an email that he is full of himself and we can get our event published as long as we stroke his ego and he was included in the chain. It was very awkward for all of us.

  2. haha yes Eunice! our office mascot now :) Joanna, that's amazing! thanks for the juicy gossip :)

  3. so is that the famous unicorn intern picture? i can imagine maria n going "what the..!?"

  4. haha and the best part is, Maria N thought the email was actually intended for Maria D, our boss!!! The thought of Alexis needing to send that image to our boss is too much to handle :)