Monday, April 25, 2011

graffiti+sam's hallway=sad!

A few weeks ago, I found something in the hallway of my building that really disturbed me: Graffiti. But not just any graffiti...MATH GRAFFITI! That's right, folks, someone scrawled a math equation* on my wall. Who IS this person and have they no conscience (or napkin, or scrap of paper or calculator)? It wasn't even THAT hard of an equation, do it in your HEAD, DUM DUM! This person is obviously a bad seed, and the fact that he is recklessly roaming the hallways of my building is extremely unnerving. I'm onto you, Math Man. You and your simple addition cannot be trusted and will not be tolerated. One more sign of long division or adding fractions and I am calling the police!

*If you're wondering, the math equation was 22.15 + 15.00 and yes, he got it right!