Saturday, April 23, 2011

Reasons I Loved NY This Week

-Mark Ruffalo live at Times Talks. He's even dreamier in real life than he is in the movies. Sigh!
-French kids belting out Edith Piaf on a subway ride.
-A free round of champagne at Yerba Buena, to encourage us to "stay longer" (Much better than that mediocre restaurant in Midtown (I know, a mediocre restaurant in Midtown...You're shocked!) that asked us when we would be leaving). Best place ever!
-A nighttime walk on Irving Place, staring at the Chrysler Building. So pretty lit up!
-A terrible date at Pete's Tavern, followed by a lovely dinner with friends at Cornelia Street Cafe, where I proceeded to completely trash my date to my friend, who I soon found out actually KNEW my date! Ah, such a small world, NY!


  1. love this post, but you're going to have to amend it tomorrow to add the wonderful dinner at your new second favorite restaurant, prime meats!

  2. haha! is that my lawyer or foodie friend speaking? I know, can't WAAAAIT for tomorrow! Think Prime Meats will definitely make next week's list!