Thursday, May 26, 2011

Golden Rule of Facebook Tagging

As soon as I get that alert email from Facebook letting me know someone's tagged me in a pic, panic sets in. What now? Which unflattering moment is now being broadcast across the newsfeeds of all my friends and family? I know you probably think it's a cute pic of us, but that's because YOU look amazing in it! Did you even GLANCE at me to see what I look like? Because I'm pretty sure if you did, there is no way you would call more attention to this pic.

I'm sorry, but I have no choice but to untag myself. In fact, Not only am I going to untag myself, but I would also like you to remove that pic from the world wide web entirely. I don't need that photo showing up in Google images or some ad in the Czech Republic. Thank you so much!

Here's a general rule to follow: If I look like ANY kind of "before" picture, please don't tag me! The golden rule of Facebook tagging should be adhered to at all times: Tag unto others as you would have others tag unto you. To help you remember all this, I actually put together a little poem:

Sorry to nag,
But please don't tag
If I look like a hag,
Or if you see anything sag...
Only if I look like I should be on a cover of a mag.

What do you think!? Pretty catchy eh? And you thought my poet days were gone!

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