Monday, May 30, 2011

Missed Connections Are Awesome!

Am I the only one who's ever glanced at missed connections on in the hope that some knight in shining armor I met in passing was looking for his beautiful princess (me!)? 

Last May, my cousins and I ventured out to 23rd street and 1st Ave on a mission to see Manhattanhenge. While we were there, I met a nice young man who looked just like Edward Burns. I don't know if it was the big ball of fire in the sky or what, but I really felt something between us! It was all very rushed, and no info was exchanged. But I definitely checked missed connections online the next few days to see if he was looking for me (he was not! BOOOOOO!!!). This is what I ASSUME he would have written:

You have to check out this adorable blog inspired by missed connections. The illustrations are absolutely beautiful!


  1. oh, i felt the connection toooo!
    i mean between you and him, not me and him, or you and me...

  2. haha you're funny! i'm glad you felt it too! i guess we just weren't destined to might call us star crossed lovers (oooh, another sky pun! the possibilities are endless!)