Saturday, May 7, 2011

Reasons I Loved NY This Week-Vol. 3

-Saturday night at the Brooklyneer, my favorite new bar in the city: Now there's really no reason to leave Manhattan! My friends Brock and Nikolai (and their friends Carson and Howard) always pick the most awesome songs (new ones, and also the ones you always loved but completely forgot about). I'm not going to lie, there was dancing. My friend Sarah showed me some moves I didn't know were possible (especially out in public!). The night was a little bit magical!
-Cheap manicure/pedicure. $21! Hands and feet simultaneously...Felt like such a diva....And loved every second of it!
-NYC Downtown Short Film Festival- Finally got to see my friend Emi's short movie "The Retreat". Awesome! Also discovered this adorable short film about a cat (and who doesn't love cats? They are all the rage right now!!) by an Aussie filmmaker.
-Borscht at Veselka-A NY institution! Your life will never be the same again, once you know something so amazing exists within a 15 minute walk from you.
-Sitting solo in the sun at Shake Shack when a random stranger came up and asked to sit at my table (There was limited seating elsewhere). I kept my music on and continued to stare into the sun. He ate his deliciously scrumptious Shack Burger. It was more awkward than any dates I've been on so far this year!


  1. glad my wild limbs could be of service!!!

  2. your moves were "inspirational", i will say that! ;)